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10 Simple Tips to Construct a High-Performance Company

In today\’s business world, there are a bunch of ideas on the air on how to improve our business. Those ideas fly into our minds, but never get realized. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple: you don\’t know that -you don\’t know. Fortunately there are several things you can work on in order to construct a solid (but flexible), efficient, focused and of course, wealthy company. Here are 10 tips:

  1. Analyze Current Status: you have to know where are you standing before trying to intend to do something. Most business errors came from not realizing that there are many variables on implementing solutions. So, before you start, be sure to know what are your capabilities. Perform a SWOT analysis- for one.
  2. Define your way up: Seneca (great philosopher) once told us: “the only way to know if the wind blows favorably, is knowing where are we going”. This is an irrefutable truth. Many companies pretend that if we move with the actual business trends, we will do well. Not at all. First of all you have to know exactly what you want for you business to achieve. If an actual trend fits with your vision, go ahead. If not, create your own path, and maybe, you will provoke a new business trend. Create a strong vision and mission statement- for one.
  3. Develop a plan: “ if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Suppose you want to plan a trip to Delhi, what will be more easy to get there, with a map or with out it? Well, the map helps you to plan effectively. In business is the same, you have to create your map, beginning from your current status and working all the way to your desired position in the future. This helps you arrive to your destination quicker. Create a strategy to achieve your desires- for one.
  4. Focus on service: service is one of the key success factors of today. Service means survival for your business. You don\’t do it right, you will loose. Customers today expect great service, no only good service. Therefore, work on developing a service plan; begin with teaching your associates and peers to have a positive attitude- the basis for great service. Create a service policy- for one.
  5. Process management: high performance companies manage processes, not people, not departments. The mistake occurs when we pretend to work in an efficient manner with people or departments, that we believe, know their jobs. We get frustrated because people can\’t do what we want them to do. Why?. Well, most people don\’t know what they are suppose to do and to what extent. But also, they don\’t know what others do in the same company. So here is your tip: document your processes, then, manage them working with people as a team- a process team.
  6. Create an involvement system: General George Marshall once said “ a man will not sell you his life, but he will change it for a medal”. Go for it, use positive reinforcement whenever possible. That is, recognize your team efforts fast and generously, and they will keep giving your business great benefits. Create an involvement system beginning with an accurate monetary reward plan based on EVA (economic value added).
  7. Create an organizational system: this is my quote: “the poor organization of management, provokes, the poor management of an organization”. Imagine that your body\’s organs where not organized or coordinated to accomplish the different metabolic tasks they have to achieve. The same occurs with businesses. Therefore, you have to, at least have the following: clear policies, process and procedures manuals, a well defined archive procedure, rules and norms, and a well structured meeting system.
  8. Efficient resource management: that is, create a measuring system that allows you to know how your business is utilizing resources. The rule is simple: to manage your human, technical, financial and other resources efficiently, means assigning the best resources to your best opportunities. The opportunities that will make your business stronger and more profitable.
  9. Right-size your company: this is my quote: the size of the ship, determines the size of the crew. The rule is this: Until we develop more opportunities we utilize more technology or seek help from more people. Also, focus on what you have, never structure your company with what you plan to have.
  10. Adopt efficient leadership practices: Bernard Shaw said: “progress is impossible with out change and those that are not capable of change, can not change anything”. There fore, leadership has to do with a lot of change- mental change. For instance, focus on the following practices to acquire superb leadership skills for you and for your troops: educate yourself and your fellows to act positively, keep an equilibrium on you life (don\’t be a workaholic), be educated, cultivate good habits, be creative, form new leaders, plan your activities, take care of your health, always achieve your goals, capitalize your failures and learn from your mistakes, promote service quality, delegate, promote team work, be a great motivator, promote productivity and be result oriented.

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