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Master International Business Program

Detalle del programa Master International Business Program, por FUNDESEM Business School


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Master International Business Program

El Master International Business Program es presencial, se imparte en Alicante y tiene una duración de 210 horas.

Our experience here at FUNDESEM Business School has revealed the high contribution that students from different nationalities always have when it comes to the enrichment of the study environment. Given the fact that English is an internationally spoken language responsible for most of the business networking processes, Fundesem Business School has designed a 100% English spoken International Business Program (IBP) which offers you the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve your Spanish by reinforcing it in the mornings as well as by living in Spain.


The Program is based on the same practical methodological approach that is common to all FUNDESEM programs and covers the key areas involved in running a successful company. Therefore, two facts must be mentioned. The teaching process is mainly based on case studies, on creating and simulating situations that occur in the real business environment. Given this, the benefits to students are clear: the development of analytical thinking, coherence in creating a business plan, integration in an interactive team and the acquisition of other skills which will be of great help when it comes to their level of performance in the international business scene.


At Fundesem we rely on professionals, rather than teachers, when it comes to delivering the information. Our teaching team is composed of business people who work for highly-recognized companies in key areas such as international trade, consulting, marketing, banking and many others.
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AreasGlobalizacion Negocios Internacionales Recursos Humanos y Organización

Destinatarios Master International Business Program

The IBP is designed for international students who search for a short, yet highly effective program, in order to develop their business thinking and find a valid path towards a challenging global working environment. The IBP brings out the art of professionalism, as teachers are practicing experts! The course is aimed for both university graduates and undergraduates, who wish to enlargen their study field by acquiring valuable knowledge of how businesses are interralated at a global level, generating specific actions and…reactions.
At FUNDESEM BUSINESS SCHOOL we are aware of the challenges facing companies in the constantly-changing competitive environment of the global market. In order to respond to these challenges, we offer international students the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve their Spanish through our International Business Program. On completion of the program, students will: Understand the full complexity of a company. Be aware of how company departments are interrelated and how they are affected by corporate decisions. Be able to apply leadership skills to implement corporate renewal in a changing global business environment

Temario Master International Business Program

- Strategic & Operative

The Case Study course is the main driver of educational methodology at Fundesem. This course will teach you the steps required to analyze a case in detail and the questions that should be asked to ensure a focused analysis. The discussion of a case is the best way to prepare students for the challenges of leadership and to provoke analysis and debate, by describing real business situations where decisions have to be made.

Quantitative Analysis

This course covers economic issues and business problems in a global environment and equips you with the knowledge required for other courses on the program.

IT (Information Technology/Computer Training)

Information Technology has changed the landscape of business competition; we are living in the "digital economy". This course will enable you to use the different computer tools needed daily in the organization; it will also provide an overview of IT adoption, selection and management, all of which are essential to the success of a business.


The IBP involves a series of workshops on diverse topics of current national and international importance (political, economic and social) led by well-known professionals.


Main topics related to financial markets and institutions, risk, return and investment criteria.


This course equips you with the technical skills needed to glean relevant economic and financial company information, the final aim being to process this information and act accordingly. It enables you to understand and interpret all company-related economic information and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions can be used as tools to create value.

Case Studies in Corporate Finance:

The student will develop strategies to manage corporate and international finance through case studies related to credit and cash management, financial planning and other main topics

MODULE 3: MARKETING Applied Marketing:

Innovative marketing and the processes implemented by different companies to become the consumer’s first choice at the time of purchase. During this course you will discover creative ways of how to generate customer loyalty. Experience Marketing: Gaining advantage through this new approach means making use of a human´s five senses and creating valid experiences that reach the individual´s emotions, feelings and intellect. Social Media Marketing: Reaching your client through different social networks is another excellent form of increasing your company´s visibility, by building reputation and authority within online communities.

MODULE 4: HUMAN RESOURCES Human Resources Management:

Main topics related to the critical evaluation of its concepts, its link with company performance, the increasingly important role of an economic and social context, the theory and practice of career management, new organizational forms and the contextual nature of industrial relations systems. A range of theoretical approaches will be used combining current research with an examination of management and employee development issues in practice. Teamworking Techniques are meant to optimize group-work, by developing the necessary skills to maximize the contributions of all members of a team. Effective Presentations will provide you with the skills & knowledge necessary to tap into your full potential as a top class communicator, able to develop and implement a real show, rather than a simple speech. Leadership requisites now have to be perceived as more than a social interaction within our close environment. What the businessperson needs nowadays are international skills
- conflict management, negotiation techniques, motivation, decision-making psychology, social perception, personality in the work place
- aspects that will be covered during this course.  

MODULE 5: MANAGEMENT Winning Strategy and Competitive Advantage:

Specific ways to achieve a resource-based vision of corporate strategy: close analysis of existing industries, forecasting and developing coherent ideas based on little given information. Insights and approaches for making competition irrelevant by creating value innovation and establishing new markets to achieve rapid and profitable growth.

Foreign Trade

At the start of the 21st century, we are witnessing the emergence of a new economy: the world as a global market! For different reasons, practically all world economies are likely to establish more and more interdependent relationships with each other. This course will teach you the techniques of foreign trade and will provide an overview of the most important aspects related to company internationalization.


An insight to the value-added and support activities within an organization. The student will understand different processes, such as product manufacturing, aggregate planning, procurement planning and operational scheduling.

Duración Master International Business Program


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